Create a windows build.bat for ANEBuilder

Are you up for the challenge ?

Create a build.bat file, and place it in ANEBuilder source folder. (The same folder where
the ANEBuilder.swf is ^_^).

There are 10 total arguments passed from ANEBuilder to the build script
All these paths are absolute.

  • $1 = ADT – Path to adt.bat for compiling the ANE
  • $2 = JAR_LIB – Path to where Android JAVA project is located, it can be either a JAR file or the Project folder, depending on parameter $10
  • $3 = IOS_LIB – Path to iOS lib file. I believe it is either a .A or .M file
  • $4 = SWC – Path to Flash Library SWC file. This file needs to be unzipped by the build.bat
  • $5 = XML – Path to extension.xml file which is needed for compiling
  • $6 = DESTINATION – Where the $4 (SWC) will be unzipped to and where the .ane will be placed
  • $7 = ANE_NAME – Name for the ANE file
  • $8 = CERT_PATH – Path to the .p12 certificate
  • $9 = CERT_PASS – .p12 certificate password
  • $10 = CREATE_JAR – This is used in OS X, ANEBuilder passes here variable “yes”  for the build script to create a JAR file from selected Android JAVA project. Dunno if that is doable in Windows. You can try :)

You might need to change some code in the file to make it fully working.
I believe when using file.nativePath method, windows has its own way of dealing
with absolute filepaths. Currently all path handlings are suited for MAC.

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