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AIR App – AIRTransfer (F2P) (with source)

AIRTransfer is a AIR2 based application which lets you to share files (F2P – File2Peer) in a instance.

Client 1:

  1. **Enters a nickname (in right-top corner)
  2. Drags-and-drops a supported file (jpg, jpeg, png, txt or  xml).

Clent 2:

  1. (**Enters a nickname too, recommended if file send is requested)
  2. Gets a green notice in the application which alerts sender-nickname as well filename
  3. Clicks on the green notice alert to accept this specific file
  4. … and file is automatically saved on desktop for ease access.

* More info of this Example app and source, are on the way…
** Is used to display for receiver who the sender is, and will help receiver to decide if sender is a reliable source. Nickname is not required, but is recommended.

If i get more time, i will add functions for specific rooms in this application. Both Client1 and Client2 need to specify a room and nickname before  sending files. If you have this request, comment this post or send a email at danel-at-flashguru.se

AIRTransfer Source (525)

Tom Krcha have also made a similar application, do check it out here